Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Stay Stylish From Head to My Foot-Cuties

What is the first thing that always passes in your mind at the second when you wake up? Nothing? 
Thing I think in the morning is a list of to-dos in that day. Life is too short to live it in a same way. You deserve to be happy. No one will guarantee your life to be good unless you are doing it in a good way.

"To make other happy, you must be happy yourself."
This is the recipe: Happiness comes from within. Be happy by starting to do what you love. 

To be happy, I always start by having a good look. I always wear things I love, so it will make me lovable. It reminds me of one cute quote: "life is too short to wear boring clothes". I couldn't agree more. 

I never look down on how I look. I concern about what outfits I am going to wear before deciding to go anywhere. "Have I used this outfit for a couple days or weeks ago?" might be my simple, yet confusing question for me. I have to look good in my own way is one of my life target. Good doesn't always mean beautiful. But by having a good looking, you will be stepping ahead for enjoying your life. Good looking will give one point to other not to be happy when looking at us. Coming from this ideas, I and my partner in the office started to do #TwitpicChallenge on Twitter and Instagram for a period of 30 days.

This is my outfit on the #Day8. 
There are leopard-pattern shawl combined with a two-colors-silky-shirt and round-like necklace. The bright color on a front center part of shirt and on hands emphasize the cheerfulness. The soft creamy brown color in along aside the bright pinky color on shirt makes a person who is wearing it looks slimmer. It comes to down; black cotton trousers combined with tied-form high heels.

This is my favorite part of outfits; shoes.
I might be slim, but I don't look tall. Nothing can make me look better, but shoes.
Since the first time I started to concern about my outfit, I always choose the most convenient shoes, especially for shoes who can tie my foot. 

Shoes with ties always make me good!
Having an elegant, yet comfy looking will be resolved by wearing shoes with ties.

I have some lines of shoes in my room. Not that many, but it still gets me confused which one to wear to suit my outfit. I have a pair of shoes which never disappoint me to suit my outfit; Be-Bob high heels with ties. I found this pair of shoes around a year ago before it has been so much popular like today.

High heels never fail.
Black shoes never fail.
Shoes with ties never fail.
Comfortable shoes never fail.
I got them in one package:

A pair of black high heels with ties from Be-Bob never fails.

I want to show you the brand, but it's kind of sad that it has been faded away as it has been reached to around one year of usage. But if you happen to see them, you can visit the website on bebobshoes.com.
Hey. Yeah. It has been almost one year and it still looks good! 
I never make a mistake of choosing good brand for my shoes!
I love Be-Bob Shoes :)

No. You don't wear this Be-Bob Shoes with ties in office only. Me.. I wore it as well in kind of semi-casual occasion. Look! It suited me, rite? :)

Now, let me enlighten your fashion dictionary with tips for choosing the right shoes!
1. If you are kind of person who always feel confused of suiting your outfits with shoes, choose the shoes with dark color
2. For you who has been working and always being involved in a formal situation, choose the shoes that make you look more elegant; such as high heels or wedges
3. If you have kind of problem on your foot's skin, choose the shoes with ornaments that can cover or hide some parts of your foot's skin
4. for you who have a wider foot, choose shoes with ties that can tie your foot
5. If you easily get tired of wearing heels, choose wedges
6. Wearing heels or wedges are the same for making you tired. Choose the shoes with light-weight
7. If you look for shoes with comfy usage and attractive yet fabulous design, go to your nearest Be-Bob Shoes store. Be careful! You will get addicted to buy them more! 

Let's stay stylish from head to foot cuties!

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  1. good story :)
    i have too http://bariro.com/2013/04/my-story-with-my-shoes-cocok-itu-bukan-paksaan/ just read :) thx