Sunday, 6 March 2011

Keripik MAICIH

Maicih Level 5 and 10, and its Basreng

These recent days, Maicih becomes the most interesting topic to discuss. How come? Yeah. Maicih is so popular now, especially in Bandung where the people are so consumptive in looking for new things.

Maicih is kind of spicy snack that is made from cassava chips. Maicih has a leveling system in its packages. There are three levels of spiciness. They are 3rd level, 5th level, and the most spicy package 10th level. Besides its cassava chips, Maicih also has "Basreng" or we can call it as fried meat ball. Different from the cassava chips, "Basreng"'s taste is not too spicy and the color of its package is green.

Maicih's marketing strategy is great. There are Jendral (General) and Presiden (President) in its structure. The president is a person who creates Maicih, and the general is a person who sells the snack. There are so many generals in some regions. The president spread the generals. Then the generals work as the agent who will meet the customers' commends of buying Maicih. So you will not find Maicih in anywhere else, except buying to the generals.

The original price of Maicih is about 11-12 thousands Rupiahs, but sometimes you have to pay more than this because of the cost of delivery order. I have heard that the prices reach until about 25 thousands Rupiahs. Wow! It is so far from the original price.

Until now, people still look for this delicious snack. Yeah. I agree that it is delicious. It is so tasty. When you bite the first bite, you will continue to bite much more and more and more. Hehehe. However, you have to remember not to eat this snack too much, otherwise you will get sick. I have ever felt this sickness. I have got a stomachache. Oh it is a big NO! So you have to be careful, okay. Eat well, so you will live well :D


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