Friday, 19 November 2010

Globalization Era Has No Limit, But Privacy Should Have!

Now it is easy to understand someone’s feeling and to find where he or she is going to do and to go. Also, you do not need to pay for taxi fee or to buy ‘something’ for people you want to meet with to share your happiness or even your sadness. There is another simple and easy way to do Silaturahmi (say hello) without meeting face to face with someone: The more you learn about social media networking on the Internet, the more friends and relatives you will find.

Putting a name that you want to search for, then you will find that person and you can make him or her as your friend on this kind of social media networking: Facebook. It is the most famous social media networking in the world beside Twitter, and now most of Indonesian people in all ages can use it very well. Type what is inside your mind, and then all of your friends will read it.

Instead, you notice or not, those kinds of social media networking may disturb our privacy.

Is that statement for me?

The presence of social media networking makes us unconsciously sensitive. Although some people think that social media networking is really helpful to express what is inside our mind and our feeling, it can be a problem that people indirectly tend to be sensitive in what others people say because some of them always tell what they feel and they do on the box that we call as ‘what’s on your mind’ on Facebook or ‘what’s happening’ on twitter. So when others people who have a relation with us put a strange statement on their status update, we will wonder to whom that statement may refer to.

“I have had a fight on Facebook. I was in a desperate condition then someone commented my status by annoying words. Maybe he felt that my status was referred to him.” Dicky, a third year student of Sekolah Tinggi Akuntansi Negara (STAN), confessed. He is one of BlackBerry users who always frequently surfs the Internet and use the social media networking to share his feeling to his virtual friends than to ‘the real people’. Unfortunately, he got the result of kind of misunderstanding that we cannot deny at all because of sensitivity.

Oh, they spy on me!

Other people may think that social media networking gives us lots of new friends from other parts of Indonesia or even the world and connects us with old friends who we have not seen them for a long time, but it is beyond a question today that ‘the new friendship’ may lead to a threat.

Some people agree that we will not get a threat as long as we are wise to put our information on the social media networking, but how about the people who have a hurt feeling? We do not know if our saying hurts people or not, but after the presence of social media networking is getting familiar in society, some people use it for expressing how they feel about us about their disappointment and they do as if there were no more good ways to ask people to apologize.

It is easy now to threaten people in this high-technology era. Making a profile in kind of social media networking does not need an identity card, so one person can have two or more profiles in social media networking with different names, different biography, and even different faces for their profile pictures. For instance, you will find lots of ‘Britney Spears’ on Facebook Search Lists.

“He was following all of my updated status from my profile on social media networking to know about me, and then he responded my updated status with terrible words”, said Gemma, a supervisor of Sales and Marketing Department at PT. Dirgantara Indonesia (Indonesian Aerospace). This businessman who frequently uses his social media networking on the virtual world was followed by his old friend who actually had been hurt by him long time ago, but he never realised it.

People who we do not realise that we have made them hurt may take an action to disturb our life by using other names of their profile of social media networking that they have made. However we do not have any relations no more with them, they will give us a threat, or they even may curse us. We will be threatened by their comments and our life is disturbed. Now, is our privacy still safe?

Should not I be on my age?

We may be different from we are like in the real world and in the virtual world. People who talk less may always share their thoughts on social media networking. It is certainly true that we can share everything about us and we can share our thoughts there, but there are always people who have wrong opinion about what we are saying.

‘The different generation can be one of the factors that lead to the different perception. It results in misunderstanding’, said Ardian, a seventh semester student of Physics at Padjajaran University (UNPAD). He notices that there are levels of ages on his Facebook account and he has got a warning from his parents who are also in his friend list. They looked at Ardian as if he was a naughty boy, because they saw a joke that Ardian and his friends made on his profile on social media networking. “That was a joke that the young always do actually”, he added. Maybe they are conservative, but considering the facts that there is different generation of people in our social media networking is also important to say a statement on our ‘box’ wisely. You do not want people to have wrong opinion about you, do not you?

Thus, privacy has to have a limit to publish on social networking if you do not want to get sensitivity, threat or wrong assessment from your virtual friends. Even you are a frequently internet user, somehow you have to realize that this is one of media that can be surfed by internet network, so people can find everything that is available on our profile. Using your social media networking wisely is a way to avoid the bad effect of social media networking . All of bad effects that may happen to you depend on you; how you use your social media networking and how you react to your virtual friends. At least, you are ready to face all of the possibility that may happen to you.

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