Sunday, 14 November 2010

My Father as My favorite Idol

Masduki. It’s my father’s name. Simple but as a proverb says what the meaning of the name is. He was born on June 6th , 1965. He was educated at Sukaresmi Elementary School, Cikarang Junior High School and at Lemah Abang Senior High School. In senior high school, he met my mother, Minah. They were falling in love. They sent a letter to each other until they graduated from senior high school. They still hid their relationship, because he didn’t want to get married before he earned money by himself. He studied just until senior high school, because he wanted to work. He made a small effort. He built some boarding house to rent. Step by step, his effort became success and earned a lot of profits. In twenty five of his age, he married with my mother. And now, they live together in Cikarang with three children. I, Pujiana Nurul Hikmah as the first child, Hidayatullah Nurul Muttaqien, and the youngest daughter, Siti Rabiatul Adawiyah.

My father is a pretty plump, tall man. He has dark complexion, square face, almond shaped eyes, quite bushy eye-brows, pretty thick lips, pug nose, and short black hair. He was one of the most decisive, determined and self confident people. His characters are decisive, determined, organized, and reliable. That is why he can be success now. But he is humorous too.

My father never does something which is not useful. He always spends his time to learn everything. He looks something not only in one side, but he looks something in many sides. “Don’t judge something by its cover, maybe there are many sides whom we don’t know that can we look and learn”, he said. He never wears something which is luxurious or glamour. He doesn’t characterize himself as a rich man or higher level than someone whom he meets or talks. He is very modest.

He always teaches his children to be polite and kind to friends too. He told that looking for true friend is not easy as some people think. “Someday, if we get a critical situation, and there is not family member or relative that can help you, just only a true friend that will help you”, he said. And he never forgets to ask us to pray. He is a religious person. He always asks his family and relatives to study further about the law of Islam like Aqidah, Fiqih and Akhlakul Karimah. He sometimes be serious and sometimes makes some jokes. His jokes always make everyone who listen it laugh. His life is not always good. If his life gets hard, he always prays and repents. He thinks maybe there is something wrong that he made. He is a good model father. I want to look for my future husband whose characters are like my father.

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