Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Nimmy.. Nimby.. I ask your prayers :')

Look at the picture above! It is two of hamsters anyway. The black one is hiding behind the white. They are my new hamsters. It has been about two months being with them. They are the angora whitey and long-haired panda. They are cute, aren't they? Their names are Nimmy and Nimby, almost same with the old ones which are Hammy and Hamby.

Here is their house. Pretty! There is a speedometer on their tread mill.

Nimmy.. Nimmy..
You have been with me for not a short time.
I feed you..
I clean you..
I play with you..
I love you..
Now, please.. Support me..
Pray for me, darling..
You both are my sweethearts.
I love you both.