Thursday, 1 December 2011

Taipei Day #1

Hello, all..
Long time no blogging. I'm pretty fine here :)

Guess what? I'm in Taipei now. I'm having a project. AIESEC exchange program. I have culture and education project here. I'm actually teaching English and promote my culture here. It's so interesting! A lot!

Yesterday I arrived around 9.20 p.m. in Taiwan time, and I had to wait for my roommate to come. She is Anh, from Vietnam studying in Australia. Then, we went to our dorm and arrived around 11.30 p.m. We just pulled the stuffs out and prepared for sleeping. However, anyway I went to sleep around 1.30 p.m. because I had a conversation first to another roommate from Brunei. We had an interesting chat last night, just some introductions. The weather last night is quite hot inside, but a bit cold outside. I slept with Anh, my roommate, in the same room with air conditioner on. Taiwan is not that cold I thought. LOL

Today I had no teaching in a class, just a little introduction in front of the students. I came to two classes. It's fun even though there is one class where the students can't understand English at all. However, another class was soooo interesting. They understood a lot about what I was talking about. You know? The kids asked me so many questions, sooo many. And the questions were funny. There was a question that I remember the most. It is about my hijab. They keep asking about my hijab. They really want to know what is inside my hijab and why I should wear this kinda thing. They want me to put my hijab off, as well. When I said that I could only put the hijab in front of females, the females just asked the males to go out. LOL! It is so random to wear the hijab here anyway. In addition, they asked me whether I felt hot or not of wearing this, and I said that it is warm :)

And now, in Taiwan here is around 4.22 p.m., just one hour faster than Indonesia. I have just had a rest because today I and my roommate has some problems about the dorm. We just moved to the highest floor which is the third floor, so we had to bring all the luggage up. Moreover, the water is running out, and we have no water till tomorrow. We kept asking and doing some complaints to the school, and how kind of them to handle us well here.

Anyway, we were gonna have an ice skating and a dinner but unfortunately we have not had a card for the public transportation :( so we cancel it and prefer staying in the dorm doing some things, and here I am now :)

Well, I think it's enough for today's blogging. I will do some reports on this blog tomorrow. Keep catching me, guys :)

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