Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Between The Jakarta Post, Paramadina and Me

Once I had been told by my writing lecturer to join the writing competition held by The Jakarta Post and Paramadina University. She said that she can count on me on my writing ability. At first, she asked several students to join the competition, but at last, only me who joined it. My friends had no chance to join because of their own business.

There were two categories for the competition. A and B. A for senior high school and first year student of university, and B for the general, it can be students or maybe lecturers. My writing lecturer asked me to join the category B. of course, because even I am not a university student (I am study at Polytechnic), I did not a chance for joining the category A because I am not a first year student. I am the second year student at Polytechnic instead. Okay. I had to adapt to be like a university student. I had to be professional.

When I saw the pamphlet, first I was so nervous. I was not confident to join it. There might be lots of participant who are brilliant. I did not expect anything from this competition. Nothing. Producing the text is kinda interesting thing to do for me.

I did writing about the pro contra and argumentative essay. It was about the privacy of social media networking. FINALLY, I was called to undergo the two days- journalism workshop! Yes! I won as the finalist. Even it was still as the finalist, I still had a chance to go further. Kept fighting!

I underwent the workshop. The judges assessed the finalists from the activeness of the finalists during the workshop. Then they would call the next finalists to be the big SIX winner to be interviewed. You know? I was very surprised that I was being called to attend the interview. Alhamdulillah.

You know? there is a question that might do not satisfy the judges. When they asked 'what will you be in the next five years', I answered that I would become a lecturer. They might expect that the finalists would answer 'become a journalist' as the same as the theme of the competition which was about the journalism. But my answer was so far from that. Because even Paramadina University does not provide any majors in education. If I would become a lecturer, I would join the competition which at least provides majors in education. But in my mind, I just have one mission: I want to become a lecturer who will always encourage my students to write something, to express their feeling through their writings, and produce so many writings. Maybe my answer did not satisfy them. It did not a matter. At least I become the BEST SIX winner of the writing competition. I am very happy for that. Till now. Thanks God for everything you have given to me. Alhamdulillah.

I got the certificate of becoming the best six winner, the congratulation letter of having a two-days journalism workshop, the goody bag from the Paramadina University and The Jakarta Post, and the free-The Jakarta Post newspapers for four months. Congrats for me :)

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