Friday, 18 March 2011

ya Allah, please heal my grandma. Amin.

My youngest sister, a four-year-aged, just said "emak mau mati". Subhanallah. What on earth happened? Ya Allah, please don't make her worse.

I wasn't there when grandma's gettin worse. Now, me & my sister are left by mom&dad. They turn to the hospital after dropping off my sister.

I don't know what exactly happened. Even my parents don't want to tell about it. I can't trust this little girl instead. Ya Allah, heal her.

This is the picture when she was getting better after about six days in the hospital. About 2 days after this, she could go home. But now, she gets worse, so then my parents and my relatives brought her to the hospital for the two times.

My Grandma and My Youngest Sister

My sister said "tadi mamah nangis". These heartbeats get faster. Ya Allah, I have a lot of promises to make her happy. Don't take her today.

I'm at home. I just could look forward to hear the news from mom at the hospital. Whoever who reads this, please pray for my grandma :'(

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