Saturday, 5 March 2011

Kota Tua Jakarta

Once I went to Jakarta by public transportation alone, I felt like wow.. I think I am brave enough to go alone. And you know? It's not too hard to find the way to go to places we are going to because there are so many public transportation with different destinations. When you get lost, you will find sooo many transportation which will bring you to another way to reach your destination.

In my looong holiday, I made an appointment with my friends. We were going to meet in Jakarta. So four of us came from different places to finally meet in one place in Jakarta. Two of use came directly from Bandung by train, one came from her hometown in Cikini, Jakarta, and me came from my hometown, in Cikarang.

We had a plan to go to Kota Tua and hang around at Grand Indonesia. Aaaaand finally, we met each other there safely. We really had FUUUUN :)

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