Friday, 11 March 2011

An improvement

A couple years ago, when I asked to my self 'when will you do Puasa Sunah Senin-Kamis regularly every week? When will you do Tahajud and Dhuha in each day regularly?', I always answered 'someday, when I am mature enough'

Now, my age is already 20, and I am still reluctant doing those things. What am I waiting for exactly?

Come on, Puji! It needs actions!

I have been doing Dhuha in each day since I go to the college. But you know, It's been very difficult to get up in the middle of the night to do Tahajud. Really difficult. I almost never do Tahajud even though I wake up for eating for fasting.

You know what happened then to me? I forced and forced and forced myself to wake up in the night. And it failed and failed and failed again, until two days ago, on Thursday, I finally could get up in the night for doing Tahajud while eating for fasting.

At that night, I could not stop smiling. I sent my thanks to Allah through my prayers. It was sooooo peaceful. I promise to my self, I will never leave this daily routine.

Alhamdulillah yaa Rabb.

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