Friday, 4 March 2011

The final Project Journey #1

Day #1

February 28th 2011

First, there was any burden at all to go to campus because actually students should come at 1 o’clock in the afternoon. It was lucky, was not it? My lucky time was going a long till the time I came to the English Department (Kantor Jurusan) and I found that we are going to be taught by the lecturer that we have already made the blacklist. I was trying to be patient. Finally, that lecturer came to the class, and you know what on earth happened? She was good. She was kind. Yep. I think she is going to be professional in her work. In the class, she doesn’t differentiate all of us even though in the outside and in giving a score, she is still sarcastic. I understand her characteristic as well. Moreover, now I do not care a lot about my score. There are still unfair things that I find, so I am being straight if I was being in an unfair situation.

You know?

She was kind to respond my difficulty in the class. Underline that words: in the class. Only. She said that I have been good about that I have disscussed my nalaysis for my final project with the people from the company that I am going to anlyze. She agrred that I would get the business letters of that company trough the e-mails. Now I am really excited. There nothing to worry.

And the lesson for today is:

The fear of your future somehow brings you down. Go fight first. If you have done well, you will get somthing good too.


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