Sunday, 13 March 2011

The Final Project Journey - Week #2

Been stuck for about an hour. Nothing to do. Nothing to think. What should I write? Today I have been thinking of so many things about life, about my past, and also about my future, I do not think of my present instead. Where is exactly my soul?

God, please help me.

It's been two weeks of the schedule for doing the final project. I am going to analyze business letters but there is no reply from the company I am going to analyze. I am so anxious. I surrender everything to you, yaa Rabb.

hmm.. Yaa, at least I have done something for my final project. I have just bought a good reference for my project. Now I have two good books in my hands. Moreover, I have discussed my plan and my progress to my supervisor, and I got many suggestions.

Now, what I have to do for this weekend is I have to finish the draft for the chapter one first, and next week I have to follow up the deal with the company in Jakarta.

Hardworking! Yeah!
Bismillah. Allahu Akbar.

PS: I am going to post my final project proposal just in case there is someone outside who needs the sample of kind of this proposal, or maybe there is someone who can help me, hehehe :)

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