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First of all, I would like to say many thanks to Allah SWT who has given many inspirations to me today to start writing something. Actually, I am never active writing on blogger. To tell the truth, there is no chance for me to write a lot. I do not have a modem, hehehe. I cannot write a lot in a cyber cafe, because I usually go there for searching for the materials for my assignments only. Now, I am having a modem and I want to be a social media activist on blogger because I love writing but I do not have a media to express it. So that is why I said many thanks to God for building this strong motivation.

Now, I am starting the first post (after a loooong time I have not posted yet) with a Glee-Don’t Stop Believing on my ears. Ya Ya Yayyy! How intusiast I am!

About Me

My name is Pujiana Nurul Hikmah. I am the first daughter from the harmony couple of Minah and Masduki (I call it M2M, LOL) hehe. I have one brother and one sister. They are Hidayat Nurul Muttaqien and Siti Rabiyatul Adhawiyah. I was born in 1990, so now you can guess how old I am J

I recently study at Politeknik Negeri Bandung (this college is a revolution of Politeknik ITB) majoring in English. Actually I do not learn about the linguistic deeply. People can call my major as English Business, because not do I learn about English such as Grammar, Vocabulary, Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking, but I also learn about Business Writing, Business Communication, Entrepreneurship, etc.

Short About My Past

I was graduated from SMAN 1 Banjar-Ciamis, SMPN 2 Cikarang Utara, and SDN 2 Sukaresmi-Cikarang.

Junior high school was the time when I have achieved sooo many great experiences. I joined many organizations. They were Pramuka in the first year, PMR (Palang Merah Remaja) in the first year, PaskibraKa in the second and last year, The Student Librarian in the last year, and OSIS in the first year until the last year. Actually I have become the vice president of OSIS. It was great, isn’t it? LOL

In Junior high school, I joined some competitions. They are “Siswa Teladan” and “Olimpiade Matematika”. In Siswa Teladan competition, I become the honourable award. In The Student Librarian, I was elected as the most diligent student librarian and became the first winner. In Mathematic Olympiad, I become the ninth winner. I did not keep those certificates. I now do not know where they are. So, it is not your mistake if you did not trust me :p

The Experiences

Well, I am not being arrogant. I just want to remember the prides of mine. Anyway, I have gotten my first scholarship in elementary school. I had been the first rank in 3 years in a line from the fourth year till the sixth year. Moreover, it was continuous till I am the third year in my junior high school. The award that I got when I was in elementary school was a dozen of donoughts, a hat, a bag, and a certificate sponsored by Dunkin Donuts. In Junior high school, the award that I got was the cash money about Rp. 800.000.

Did I miss something?

Yes. The short story about my senior high school, wasn’t it?

Haha. In senior high school, I did not achieve anything. I was so lazy at that time. Life was like there was no target to reach. However, I learned something there. In Senior high school, I was placed in Ciamis. It is sooooo far from my hometown. It takes about six hours or seven hours to go there from home. My parent told that I and mu cousin (Tazkiatul Ummah) should live far away from parents to be well-managed girls. I and she just agreed that statement, so we lived there for three years during senior high school. I and my cousin was placed in an Islamic boarding house (Pesantren dan Yayasan) named Manazilul Huda. In the day, I was going to school, and in the night I was studying about religion such as reading a holly Alquran, and listening to religious speech (ceramah).

Just for information, I have been in an Islamic boarding house since I was in an elementary school at forth year, but actually I have been learning about Islam since I was in the kindergarten. So I have known some things about Islam, such as Fiqih, Tauhid, Aqidah, and so on. But I guess people know much more than me J

In the Islamic boarding house when I was in senior high school, I was elected as the leader of female islamic community in Manazilul Huda. It is kind of person who would rely, lead and ask other members to be on time in studying Islam (mengaji).

Now I rearrange my life to be better. I am not going to be lazy to study anymore like me in senior high school. Now, I am mature enough to understand all of the things that happen in my life. I have known what is good for me and bad for me. I will achieve everything that I have listed in my dreams book. I have to make all of my dreams come true. For sure. Amiin yaa Allah yaa rabbal Alamiin.

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