Saturday, 5 March 2011

I love cooking

Pisang Balen with Chococheese Topping
Skutel Makaroni Panggang

Sweet Corn with Chochocheese Topping

Pancake Choco and Cheese

Well, I am not good at cooking anyway. However, I love cooking so much. I love being dirty with lots of flour in my hands, having not good smell of eggs in my cheeks, and having not good look because of the heat of the oven. I love it!

Those pictures are made by me. ALONE. Without my mom's help at all. I somehow love being alone when cooking. Most of them, I cooked with my own recipe. I prefer using the available materials in the fridge than buying or looking for another material to make a recipe. I always try to make common ingredients to become foods with the great tastes.

Anyway, the two first pictures are made from the recipes that are available on the magazine, and the two last are made by me with the available ingredients at that time in my fridge.

They look delicious, aint they? Yummmmmm.

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