Wednesday, 9 March 2011

You May Call Me The Lucky Girl

Cuanki Dara Kembar Bandung with hot plate

Bebek and Ayam Geprek at Geprek Aden Bandung

The discount tickects, The free-eating ticket, and the free CD music

The free movie tickets by Blitzmegaplex

I just do not know, when I join some quiz or competitions in the Internet or radio, I always win that. My friends said that I am lucky. Luck brings me to have the stuffs from the Internet or radio.

Okay, now let me remember what my door prices are. Hehehe

First, I have joined the quiz from the radio. It was about the preview of the movie that were going to launch. The participants should answer the questions about the preview of the movie. If you won the quiz, you would get the two-free tickets fro watching it. It is sponsored by Blitzmegaplex. You can't imagine how expensive the movie tickets at Blitzmegaplex. The quiz was held once a week, and you know what? every week, it was Monday, I always listened to the radio to join the quiz. You know then? I always won. At that time, I got the free tickets for watching the premier of '3 Idiots'. To avoid the cheating, because it seemed unfair, I have joined the quiz only for about three times. Then I quit and got the door prices form the other quiz.

Besides getting the free movie tickets, I also got the cash money. I got a hundred thousands Rupiahs two times. At first, I won the quiz and got a hundred thousands Rupiahs. Then, I knew the trick of the quiz that was held in one radio from selecting the participant who was proper to be the winner, so I joined the quiz in the name of my boyfriend. Hehehe. You have to remember that the quiz needs the identity cards when you won, so do not give the fake name. But you can give another name and then borrow their identity cards. LOL. Finally, I got two hundreds thousands Rupiahs. Lucky enough :)

Moreover, I have won the tickets for attending the concerts. At that time, I won the tickets for attending the concert from Alexa, and other bands. Oh GOD! I really forgot their band's names! It was held by Seni Abadi Photo Studio at Wastu Kencana Bandung. The price of the ticket was about 150.000 Rupiahs each. So I got 300.000 Rupiahs at that time. Because this concert was held regarding to the Valentine's day 2010, so we did not come to the concert. We did not celebrate the Valentine's day.

And this recent days, I won so many door prices from the quiz. It happened in my looong holiday. Before going to the sixth semester, Polban's students especially the last year students had a long holiday for about a month and a half. During the holiday, I was always tweeting on twitter. I read the tweets from the radios' twitter. The quiz always asked the participants to give the testimonials.

1. I won the free ticket for eating at Bebek Garang from answering the right answer.
2. I won a bunch free discount tickets for about 40 tickets from GH Universal Hotel in Lembang from giving the best testimonial about the GH Universal Hotel. Fortunately, I have come to the GH Universal Hotel for a table manner, so I could give a good testimonial.

3. I won the free CD from giving the best romantic love letter in English.

4. I won the free ticket for eating at Geprek Aden from giving the right answer.

5. The latest door price is I won the free ticket for eating Cuanki at Dara Kembar and getting Maicih.

You know, those prices I got continuously in a month. Lucky enough :)

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