Sunday, 6 March 2011

Taxi Bike - A new transportation in Bandung

Need a ride to go to somewhere?
Need to watch a movie without being in a long queue?
Need to get a DVD without getting to the DVD store?
Need to pay for the tax etc?
Need to send an important document as soon as possible?
Need to eat some menu in certain restaurant that has no delivery service?

Life is not that hard. Simplify your life!

In Bandung, there is a new transportation that was launched about a month ago. It is called Bandung Taxi Bike. I heard that they also will expand their business in Jakarta. They can meet the customers' commend to anywhere just from one call. They will take you or send you stuffs by motorcycle with cheap fee, but the quality is as private and exclusive as Taxi.
The fee is Rp. 4000/km in the first km and Rp. 2000/km for the next km for the humans' delivery service, and for the stuffs' delivery service is Rp. 2000/km.

Now, it is simple, isn't it? Everything is on your fingers. Track your fingers on your keypad. Send them a message, or give them a call. Tell what you need. Finally, they will meet your command.

Give a try, people!

The contact:
Twitter : @BDGtaxibike
Call/sms 08123456.4660
bb: 321EDB5D
ym: bdgtaxibike

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