Friday, 2 December 2011

Exchange-Life Experience #2

hello again, guys!
Today is Friday and I'm free of teaching. I just came to the school to meet the supervisor for having an easy card to make us easier in paying the public transportation and also the sim card to have a phone number here. The school paid for our easy card but we have to pay by ourselves for the sim card. It cost NTD 299 or it is about 100.000 rupiahs. You know? the process is sooo complicated. You need the passport and need to be above 20, if you don't you have to have a supervisor to supervise you. Also, it needed almost 8 hours for the phone to be active.

I went to the school about 9 o'clock, yaa because I didn't have a class. I took the breakfast around 8.30 and you know.. I changed my menu into burger and I think Taiwan has the best bread ever! It's soooo tasty! I chose beef one. Yah, you should tell the cooker for that because they all here eat pork. For dinner, I eat it around 7 p.m. with the three of us. I got another roommate but different room, only the same dorm. Her name is Chui Nee from Brunei. Fortunately, tonight was not raining so after eating the dinner, we went around to look for the adapter to the electricity. I didn't bring kind of multifunction adapter, so I have to borrow my friend's for charging my laptop. And FINALLY I found it. Thanks Chui Nee anyway. You saved my life! Yah, because she is the only one of us who can speak Chinese. It costs about 34 or something. Yaa it's cheap. After that, we went around the dorm and bought something in the supermarket here. The price there is much cheaper than in Seven Eleven you know. It saved me so much money. Ya, I just don't want my money to run out before I buy the souvenirs. After buying something, we went looking for the stationary, and we found across the road of the dorm anyway and the three of us didn't notice it before. You know, how surprised I am to find Indonesian ketchup and noodle. It is the same! really. They are in Indonesian. I didn't buy it anyway, just bought some kind of crayons for my sister. It costs about 110 NTD or 35.000 rupiahs. Yah just time it with 300 rupiahs.

Now my life is getting completer. I just need my Indonesian friends to come to here. I can't wait for 17th December. I can't stand a lot on having the foreign language. I really want to speak Indonesian anyway :(
Oya, I already had the buddy anyway. Actually my buddy is Chui's buddy also. He is Alex, but he doesn't even know me. Well, just let him be. I don't want to think too much about that. I want to focus on my teaching because the school provide and treat me so well. I have to be a good very good teacher. Lucky me to have some presentations materials on the internet. I hope the students will like it :)

Okay maybe that's all for tonight. Tomorrow I'm having a walk with Anh and Chui to the New Taipei City. I hope it will be great. I really love taking pictures but I don't think that they do. I hope that we can take lots of pictures together there. Let me take a rest today. See you tomorrow, guys! :*

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