Saturday, 3 December 2011

Exchange-Life Experience #3

Hi, guys. Meet me again here.
How was your day, anyway? Mine is great. There were so many things happened here. This morning I had a plan with my friends to go out for having a short trip in the city. The plan was we have to get up early around 9 a.m. we should go, but we were late waking up here. I actually woke up at 7.30 a.m. but I couldn't do anything because I thought that we were in hurry to go out.

We were having our breakfast at 9.45 a.m. We ordered burger that is the same as yesterday. Then, we went to the train station to reach the bust at 10.18 a.m. Anyway, Chui has left the easy card home so she went home for a while then going to the station back as well. We went to Taipei City. And it took 4 stations to get there. It is Shanjia where we are, then we will pass Fuzhou, Banqoui, Wanhua, and Taipei.

We went to the big shopping center there and three of us were so excited seeing the city and the Christmas trees inside the shopping center when we were going in. First, we just took around and took pictures in the big shoes store. The clothes and everything there are soooo expensive. It is around 1000 NTD. Also, I think that the laptops here are expensive. It is aroun 40.000 NTD and it means that 12.000.000 rupiahs. After that, we were down to the B3 floor, because we were at F3 at that time. We were going there for having meals because it's already lunch anyway. You know what we found? There were soooo many attractive meals there and it all was SUPERB CHEAP! It all was around 100-200 only. I chose the huge package that included spaghetti, mixed corns, spicy chicken, salad, zuppa soup, and the tea. You know how much did it cost? It only costed 198 NTD, it means that it is around 60.000 rupiahs. Very cheap, right? and i'm so excited at cheap foods. Yah! I eat a lot!

After having lunch, we just went around for seeing the theater. It is at the highest floor which means about 4th floor. There were lots of cute Christmas decoration and the people there are soo stylish in winter suits. I love it. It seems that i was seeing korean movies or boyband and girlband members. Lol! I was in to the jewelry shop inside the theater there and I saw so many cute things there. I wanna buy it but it is too expensive for that kinda things I think. Well, just having a look first. After looking around the theater, we were out and having walk outside. We just walked for several blocks near the shopping center. Yah.. we were not that brave to go far from the shopping center because the shopping center is near the station. If we were afar, we couldn't get back home because of getting lost somewhere.

When we were walking, we saw many things there. One of them is I and Chui saw the SUPERB HUGE dog and superb cute! The dog is black and brown and the size is as big as human. I wanna touch it but the traffic lamp is red, so I couldn't across the street and the dog had gone :(
You know what I found something else? I found so many people are selling something in the street. But i think that it is quite cheap for things that are sold in the street. The price for the coat for example. It is NTD 1000 which means around 300.000 rupiahs. Expensive enough. I didn't buy anything as well. But you know.. the foods here were always cheap. I found a bakery and I found the cheese cake and tiramisu that was only NTD 20 which means only 6000 rupiahs. So cheap. I bought two slices :D

At 4 o'clock, we went to the shopping center again to reach the train downstair. We went home at 5 o'clock at Shanjia. We were back to the dorm for having a rest because I and Anh had a plan to go to the church. But unfortunately, Chui lost her easy card in the road, so we were a bit worried at that time. We just went back to the dorm and I was just doing online for uploading the pictures on facebook. I didn't have much time to do online because at 6 p.m. we had a plan to go for dinner.

In dinner time, I just remembered about the key and you know what.. we forgot to bring the key and the door had already been locked. BIG problem! after having a dinner, we just tried so many ways and were really worried about the door, especially when the supervisor had not answered the calls. At 8 o'clock finally we got the security and he got the key. FINALLY!! yeay! The supervisor asked the security to come to the dorm. Yah, thanks for all, ya Allah..
there were the happiness, there were the worries. So complete for today.
okay, see you later people!
good night :*

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