Sunday, 4 December 2011

Exchange-Life Experience #4

Hi, guys!
This is my fourth day. How was your day, guys? Mine is not really good but I’m always happy here. Why was it not really good? Because now I’m typing here on my microsoft word, not on my blog. The internet somehow hasn’t worked since this morning. I don’t know why. Maybe there is something wrong with the provider or the signal. Yah, if in Indonesia it often happens.
Waaaa! Guess what?! When I wrote this, the internet connection started working! Bless me! Maybe the internet connection just wants both of us to have a nap first before doing and preparing for the materials. So kind! Yah, we had a anap for about 2 hours this afternoon. We were so tired but lucky us to meet new people this morning. I accopmanied Anh to go to the church in Shulin. We took the train, just passed one station, from Shianjia just go straight to Shulin directly. It only took about 5 minutes. We needed to have a walk a bit, then we finally found the church.
Actually I didn’t have my breakfast this morning because we were too late. Anh had to reach the mass at 11 a.m. and it was already 10.15 a.m. at that time and the breakfast hadn’t been ready yet so we just went directly to the train station.
This morning I woke up at 8 a.m. because I had to wash my clothes. So lucky me to have the laundry machine here. I just left it working alone :p I left it when I went to the church in Shulin.
Anh was in to the church and I just walked around it. I saw around and got in to the shops on the side road, had kinda window shopping. It’s a bit cheap there. I just got in to the jewelry shop named Easy Shop or something and I found so cute hat. I wanna but it for my sister. It costs almost 299 NTD anyway or 100.000 rupiahs. Quiet expensive L Well, maybe I will buy it next time.
It took about one hour waiting for my friend and I just finished walk for about 40 minutes only. So for the rest, I just waited for her in front of the building.
When she had done, she asked me to meet the priests there because there is one coming from Indonesia. We met nice people there. They asked us to have a lunch with them, then we ate together . The priest come from Indonesia really knows me that I don’t eat pork, so he chose the best foods that I could eat all. He comes from Flores anyway, and kind of hm to take us to our dorm. We had an interesting topic about Chinese and language in our dorm with him, and lucky me to have him that I can have the character of the chinese letter of the words ‘pig’ ‘chicken’ ‘dog’ ‘beef’ and ‘meat’. Hahaha. So funny. Yah.. I really need it because I don’t eat pork and I can’t speak chinese at all. His writing really makes me easier to buy something. Thanks! J
This nite, I don’t have my dinner because i’m so fuuuul! Yah! I ate a lot this afternoon. Because I didn’t have my breakfast this morning, I bought the noodle with the big portion and also the bread. Hmm.. the pudding also. Eventhough this morning I already bought the bread, I was still hungry :p
Well, now the internet connection is already on and I had already had a long nap so now I have to be ready in preparing the materials for tomorrow. Yah. Tomorrow is my first time to tach. Ciao!!!

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