Monday, 5 December 2011

Exchange-Life Experience #5

Good evening, people!
Now it's 7.30 p.m. here in taiwan. Yah. It's so early to write everything on blog. But I have a plan to sleep early this night because there is no class tomorrow. Gonna prepare for the materials just tomorrow.

You know. I'm soooo happy today! It's my first time teaching in Yu De Elementary School and it was super fun! I taught third grade medium level. They were always playing around but I think it was better than keeping quiet and saying nothing. They all did not really understand about what i said, but at least they could repeat what I have said.

There are two sections. First section, I taught about my own culture. It was about Indonesia. I talked about the location, the art and traditional clothes, the foods, the language, the currency, and batik. The second one, I used to explain about the materials. It was about classroom verbs. There are only six words that I taught; they were explain, teach, think, paint, count, and read. You know.. In the first section, I gave the question section at the end of my presentation about Indonesian culture. They are five students who could answer my questions well. They are Cindy, Andrew, Daniel, Amin, and the second Daniel. Anyway, Amin knows so well about Indonesia because he had been there since child after 8 years old. Then he moved to Taiwan till now, for about 3 years now. I gave them Indonesian money 2000 rupiahs. They were so happy and they wanted me to give them more. Lol!

I taught at about 2 o'clock one section after taking a nap section. Then it's broke up with the clean time section, then I continued teaching till 4 p.m. Even though I taught about 2 o'clock, I still have to come on time to the school. It is at 8.30 o'clock. So I had my breakfast about 8 o'clock, then going to school. i forgot, have I told about the parent, the mommy, who always help me and my roommate having our breakfast? Yah. I do not her name, but she is so kind. She had lived in Canada fro 3 or 5 years, so she can speak English well, so she can help me and Anh to talk to the sellers at the breakfast shop who prepare our breakfast. Thanks, Mom.

You know what the reason I always keep smiling today? when I was teaching one of my smart students named Cindy drew me a picture of mine. Me is so beautiful in her drawing. I'm so flattered that the students happy with me. It's kinda pride for me. She drew a picture on the used paper colored pink. So attractive, though. I am really happy. I am always happy to teach students. Ya Allah.. is this my real passion? Are You showing me Your best way to me?

Oke, now I'm just having online. I always did skyping before going to sleep, with Ardian, Yessy, or many friends. This evening I had a skype with Sandhy in KL, just talked about Taiwan briefly.

I think that's all, friends. Gonna catch you tomorrow. I will do prepare and download my materials for teaching. Paypay!

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