Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Exchange-Life Experience #7

Hai, guys!
How was your day? Mine is quite busy and tiring today. This day I had to teach 2 classes. The fourth and the sixth class. Anyway, this Wednesday I had to have an introduction in front of all the people in this school. I did the introduction in the student activity hall. The room is quite big. Not quite anyway, it's BIG. I just told them about me generally, and Candy, one of English teachers here translated it into Chinese to them. And this morning definitely I and Anh should wake up earlier because we had the introduction first at the student center.

At the office, we were just given our own pc's in our room. Ah, so convenient!

For the fourth class, I just gave the materials about classroom language. they are all so nice. And for the sixth class, I gave them the materials about daily routines. As usual, before teaching them English, I always teach and introduce them about Indonesia. At the end of my culture presentation, I just give them who can answer my questions two thousands Rupiahs. They all feel so glad.

This noon, after teaching all the class, I had my lunch at the office because there was still noodle there without pork. Yah, finally i could eat my lunch at the office. And just right after having lunch, I did skype-ing with Adrian. We shared a lot about exchange. i learned so many things this noon.

This evening we had a welcoming party at Taipei National university, so we went to dorm right after the bell rang. We met Chi Nee and she brought her friend from Poland named Veserk or something. Four of us had an early dinner together and took the bus together to Taipei. The bus number is 802 to Long Pu. From the station, we have to walk around 10 minutes to reach the university.

Taipei National University is superb BIG! Anh said that it is even bigger than South Wales University. Yah, and we went to the Aiesec office there to have a welcoming party.

I met about 20 people from different countries. Most of the ep are from Australia, same with Anh. I met them and it was so fun! The games are not that fun anyway. Sad to say.. Because in Aiesec LC Bandung is more interesting and crazier than this. HAHAHA. I miss my Bandung :(
Oh yeah. I got the punishment. the punishment that I always watched in Bandung and laughed at the people who got the punsihment, and now it was my turn to have that punsihment :( I had to move on a small coin on my body to someone's body. And you know? It's kinda sex style. Oh GOD :( why i said that, because the man's body was only about one centimeter above mine. I had to close my eyes. But over all, it was so fun!

Tonight, I arrived at dorm around 9.30 p.m. and I have a chicken pie. I bought it with milk tea bubble in Aiesec office, but now I have been full already ;(

Okay. that's all from me. I'm still tweeting tonight on twitter. I'm just waiting for someone to have a chat with me but I don't know who. Pfft :p
Good night, people!

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