Thursday, 8 December 2011

Exchange-Life Experience #8

Today, I cried because of receiving a letter. I was so melting because it so touched me. I have just been teaching here only for about a week, but there have already been two letters written for me. I love to know that the students love me :')

My two friends were a bit unsatisfied this morning of their classes. I just didn't know why I could be so patient like this. I had never liked children like this way before. Since I have been teaching here, I just love them so much. Making so many noise is normal for me. I just want to make them fun while being taught.

This afternoon, I really did not have my appetite. The lunch was tasteful chicken, but I just did not have any appetites. I left my foods and did online. You know? I, Anh, and Chui were doing so many crazy things. We just made a guess. Playing that kinda game. So funny!

This morning, I chose croissant for my breakfast. I just wanted to try. Yah, it's delicious but not more delicious than the burger that I and Anh usually order. Oh.. I miss the burger already :(

Tonight I have just finished my period and I start praying. I took a bath tonight. I was stuck to think the qiblat direction and the time tables. After I browsed on the internet, looked at the world map and also looked at the taiwan and saudi arabia location, finally I decided to face to the west. And lucky me to find the time table for praying. Thanks Ayu Pramesti! This blog is very useful: !

Tonight, I and Anh are so confused to decide the events in Aiesec. There are five events coming, and the events are so costy. Okay. We are in Taiwan now. We don't know when we will come back here. We have to have lots of fun here! Hmm.. Take all of the events!!!!! Yeay!
You know? If I take all of the events, the cost is about almost 2 millions rupiahs. So costy :( Okay. I'm gonna think about it later. But I think, I will definitely join and come! :D

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